Upcoming PS4 + PS5 games

Video games are an incredibly popular form of entertainment, and have been around for many years. There have been some phenomenal games released over the years, and it seems like there will be plenty more to come. Here’s a list of top upcoming PS4 + PS5 games.


It’s a familiar experience: you’ve just moved into a new home, and you’re unpacking all your things. You start with the boxes that contain your personal effects—the books, the photos, the letters—and then move on to the kitchenware, bathroom stuff, and any other miscellaneous items. Many of us don’t like packing but it could be a very meditative activity, especially if you are feeling nostalgic and therefore sit all day reminiscing about the memories connected to the things you are packing. 

But what if there were a way to turn this mundane task into something more? What if it could be a chance to connect with another character in an intimate way? That’s exactly what Unpacking is all about—a zen game about unpacking belongings in search of clues about a character who lived here before you did. This game will be available on PS5. 

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you’ll get to explore the Runebarrows and help rebuild a town after an earthquake. You’ll also learn more about the characters’ true motives for exploring the barrows and deepening their bonds with one another. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising combines two beloved genres: adventure games and city-building sims with a little bit of mystery sprinkled throughout. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this one! 

This War of Mine

War is not pleasant and is not something I like to think about generally. Except when I am playing war-themed video games, that is. This War of Mine is a very special war game in a sense that it gives your several different perspectives, not just the one of a soldier in an army. You can see how regular civilians live during war times and how difficult their lives are and you might be forced to make some difficult choices and decisions you didn’t want to make. Sound fun, right? 

Rage Among the Stars

The last game on this list is probably the best one in my opinion. Of course, everybody will find what they like to play but I can already tell that I am going to like this just based on the synopsys. The game is supposed to be extremely difficult on purpose since the creators wanted to show the contrast between over simplified games we have these days and oldschool games that would take you months to finish. 

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