Indie games are better than AAA games because they’re more personal

Indie game developers are often small teams with a lot at stake, so they have to keep their costs down, which means they can’t hire a huge number of people or spend millions on advertising. This also means that indie games have a strong sense of community and are usually made by people who are passionate about what they’re doing. That’s why it’s so easy to connect with the people behind indie games: you know that they’re making something that matters to them, not just churning out product for the sake of hitting quarterly numbers.

AAA games – too big

AAA games tend to be much more impersonal—they’re made by large companies who have their own agenda (usually profit) and who often don’t care about their customers as much as they should.

They can afford to hire large teams of people and spend huge amounts on advertising because they’re making such expensive products that need as many sales as possible in order to break even. This means there’s less room for error, so most AAA games are made by committee: there’s no one person with creative control over how everything turns out.


Indie games are more innovative than AAA games. Indie developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a game, and this innovation is reflected in the art style, gameplay mechanics, and narrative structure of their titles. AAA games tend to be more conservative in their approach, which can lead to stagnation in the gaming industry as a whole. Indie games are made by people who love making them, so they’re more likely to take risks. They’re less likely to be afraid of new ideas, or of trying something different from what everyone else is doing; they’re more likely to try weird things and see if they work out.


Indie games are more accessible than AAA games because they’re cheaper and easier to get your hands on—you can download them directly from their creators’ websites or find them on Steam or other platforms. You don’t have to travel far or wait very long for an indie game – you just have to make sure you have enough storage space! Also, most indie titles are cheaper than AAA titles because they’re made by smaller teams and cost less money to produce!

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