Cuphead: A review!

Ever since I was able to score a Steam key for Cuphead, I have been smitten. While the game is hard, I have been loving it, and you should too. This review is spoiler-free so you know what you’re getting into before you give it a chance. As someone who really enjoys both platformer and shooter games, I was very intrigued when seeing the “Cuphead” game out. As a kid, getting the chance to play games like ‘Donkey Kong Country’ and ‘Pac-Man World’ were everywhere and led to countless hours of fun. So, when “Cuphead” arrived on my various gaming platforms I couldn’t wait to try it out!


You the player, control Cuphead or Mugman (the second player can control the other character) and fight your way through the Devil’s Casino to collect the souls of your debtors. You’ll have to use your wits and skills to help them win in their games of chance because they’re not going to just hand over those souls without a fight. You must also use your character’s parry ability to survive while progressing through levels.

Studio MDHR, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Cuphead is a run-n-gun video game published by StudioMDHR Entertainment, Inc. and Microsoft Studios. It was developed mostly by an artist named Chad Moldenhauer who, with his brother Jared Moldenhauer, directed it and did the art. It is inspired by the rubber hose style of animation used in cartoons of the 1930s during the golden age of American animation. Cuphead features hand-drawn 2D visuals inspired by the black-and-white “rubber hose” animation style from the 1930s, winning it several awards for its art direction. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Sunset Riders and Contra series of games in that you run ‘n gun your way through the levels but it has a few twists that makes the gameplay feel fresh and fun!


The enemies in this game are called bosses because they are large and have more health than regular enemies. Most bosses have multiple forms that will change after taking damage from certain attacks or after being damaged by special weapons like bombs or pies. The controls for this game are simple but still manage to give players a lot of options when it comes down to movement and combat styles. You can move around using either analog sticks or d-pad buttons depending on which system you’re using (Xbox One users will need an adapter). Movement controls include walking left or right as well as jumping up platforms or dodging when necessary.


Have you played Cuphead? Its a difficult, yet fun, run & gun action game that is meant for you to die. Finally a game that just tells it like it is! Every time I died the infamous words “RETRY LAST CHALLENGE?” would pop up on my screen. I would say to myself: “How can I try any of these challenges again when I already died?​” The answer is simple… You can’t. You have to beat them all in one go.

The only way out of this game without rage quitting is to just accept the fact that all your going to do is fail and accept it happens, then keep trying. That’s what this game wants from you! ​

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