Game design tips – This is what we want to see in a game!

Video games are the center of attention for many kids and adults. We never really get to talk with the programmer. We all have ideas and tips that we’d like to tell the video game creators of the world. Often tremendously fun and entertaining, games usually have a few tweaks that could lead to greater levels of enjoyment and entertainment. Before you start to play your next video game you should read this post first!

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is a way to play video games over the internet. It’s like using Netflix or Hulu, but for video games. You can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet and you don’t have to download anything. There are no discs or cartridges to buy, and you don’t need a console or a gaming PC. All you need is an internet connection! Cloud gaming has some amazing benefits. FIrstly,  it’s cheaper than buying new consoles every few years. Cloud gaming services are usually cheaper than buying new consoles because they require less hardware to run high-quality graphics and gameplay. You can still play your favorite games even if they’re not available in your area. Cloud gaming lets you access titles that aren’t available in your region by streaming them from another part of the world where they ARE available–even if it’s not where you live. Just log in and start playing!


AI can learn how you play and give you a more challenging experience based on your behavior. They can also be used to make decisions that affect gameplay – decisions like which path to take through a level or whether or not to shoot someone. And it’s not just in single-player games where AI is making an impact: Multiplayer games are using AI to create NPCs that can challenge your friends and other players with different skill levels and strategies. This technology is being used to create characters that seem less like robotic automatons and more like real people with their own personalities, goals, and motivations—and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for players not to notice the difference between these characters and living beings!

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is the future of video games because it’s a platform that everyone can use and enjoy. There are no barriers to entry, and everyone has access to this amazing new way to play games. You don’t have to buy expensive hardware or software—you just need a device with a screen and an internet connection.

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