Hello you,

We are tiger & squid, a game studio based in the Netherlands. You may know us from Beyond Eyes, an imaginative exploration game that was released in 2015. Back then it was more of an I instead of a We but those times have changed. Our goal is to create unique beautiful short video games that make people feel happy, sad and every emotion in between. That is why we are expanding the studio and looking for new people to join our team as core members or collaborators.

We are currently developing a new story universe which will connect all our games in the coming years.

This universe, filled with unique cultures, mythologies and interesting characters will be explored in time not only through video games but also accompanying books, art and other media.

When we dream about the future of tiger & squid we envision a core team of talented, quirky people who dare to ignore the beaten path in search of new ideas in the most unusual places. People who love to collaborate and communicate with others in a proactive and productive way. We want to create a place where everyone is treated and rewarded equally and feels encouraged and supported to push themselves and contribute to our games.

To the right you will find the descriptions of the roles that we are currently hiring for. If you recognize yourself or anyone else to be fitting for one of these roles you are invited to send an email with your resume and link to your portfolio to [email protected] . Don’t feel discouraged to apply if you don’t exactly meet these criteria but feel like you would be great in this position. If your position is currently not listed, please feel free to reach out to us because who knows?


There are no openings at the moment.