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Weekly Snaps #1

By Sherida, Oct 29 2016 10:20AM

Time to dust off this old blog and start posting again! Last week I decided to take my camera with me and snap some pictures of my daily dev life!


I decide to start the day with a stroll through the forest behind my house. It's freezing cold but knowing myself I have to do this now or I'll never leave the house!

Whenever I go for a walk I always get crazy inspired so I have to bring either a notebook or a voicerecorder with me or I will hate myself for the rest of the day for the ideas that I've lost! Of course I could also do this on my smartphone but as usual I've forgotten to charge it.


One of the games I'm currently working on is a game about tracking so I take this picture as a homework assignment ( Looks like a roe deer, some Highland cattle and a mountainbike ;) )


I love that I can find this scenery within a 5 minute walk from my house! The fields are in summer full of gorgeous purple heather but even in this season it still look beautiful.


This picture reminded me of an octopus Chewbacca with a pirate hat but according to Jasper I'm an idiot. What do you think?


As soon as I get home it's time to put some ingredients in the new love of my life, my slow cooker!

I don't know how I've survived so long without it! It's perfect, just throw in some stuff and X hours later you have a meal. Gone are the days where I just eat some ramen or pizza because I'm in the middle of working on something important and don't want to leave my computer! Plus it saves a ton of money!. This Vindaloo curry feeds 2 people for 2 days and cost me 3 euro to make!


Time to get some work done! On todays agenda is designing a radial menu for the interactable objects!

During lunch I get an email that I need to make a short gameplay video for an application for funding that I sent in. Change of plans! While I eat my soup ( slow cooker, 1 euro for 3 liter!) I make a list of things that I want to include in the video. When Jasper checks it later he makes me cross out 75% of the list because as usual I've overcomplicated things...


After a few hours of work it''s time for dinner! I make an Indonesian Soto ( which literally means soup) and play some DMC: Devil May Cry while it's cooling, under the watchful eye of Näkö.

After dinner we play some Yahtzee until Näkö decides to run off with the dice and hides them in his lair.


Unfortunately Jasper is still sick at home so I try to be a caring girlfriend and bring him a cup of tea. Unlike me however, Jasper doesn't turn into a needy whiny baby when he's sick and prefers to be left alone to suffer in silence.

So I get back to work. I capture some footage of my character walking through a whitebox level. I try to resist the urge to create some textures and make the scene a little prettier. Of course I fail. Unlike most designers I can't really design a game on paper and really need visuals to establish the mood. Sometimes I even go outside and physically act stuff out on a playground or forest...

Much better! Luckily this doesn't take too much time and I get back in the flow very quickly! Nothing can stop me!!


Except for this lady of course. As it turns out she wasn't satisfied with the quantity of her breakfast and wants some more. Or, as she likes to call it, 'Second Breakfast'.

Because my cats are little fatties I always measure their daily food and give them small portions during the day. This way they believe they are eating soo much food while in reality they're on a diet ;)

In the afternoon Marco comes over to work and I forget to take photos for the rest of the day.


Another lovely day and I forgot to buy breakfast. Time to go out and face the cold!

Although Ara doesn't seem too bothered by the weather..

. Also note the small balcony 'pond' that Mr. Fat Cat has claimed as his water bowl, completely ignoring the € 30, - water fountaint that I purchased for him -_-'

Luckily the weather isn't nearly as bad as I feared so I decide to make a detour on my way back home!

Autumn is by far my favorite season!

I shoot some reference for colors

Like this tree that has fallen down and completely disintegrated. So pretty!

Jasper is still sick and I feel my own health rapidly declining as well so time to pump some vitamins in there!

Illness be gone!

It's now 9.15 so I get to work. Since I'll be starting with some sketches and compositions for my video I use the left side of my desk which is a standing desk. I'm pretty proud of this desk since I made it myself! It's technically an Ikea hack since I used a lot of parts from the store but I designed it myself and it's fits the width of my work room exactly.

I work until noon-ish and get disturbed by this little bugger's request for either lunch or playtime. Today it's both. This handsome young lad is Näkö and he lived on the street for a while. Originally we took him in to socialize before he could be adopted but he is slowly creating a little nest for himself in my heart so we'll probably keep him. At least, I'd like to keep him, Jasper and the others still need convincing....

While Unity is calculating the lightmaps for my scene, I decide to do some redecorating and swap a few cabinets. I also replace the boring drawer pulls with some cool hardware I got on ebay.

Still trying to find a nice place for the Dutch Game Award I won last month. I'm super proud of it but colorwise the award ( and basically everything from Beyond Eyes itself) clashes with everything in my home so the First World Struggle is real here ;)

Around 4 pm the Cold finally catches up with me and I'm forced to spend the rest of the day and the next one in bed doing absolutely nothing.

See you next week!

Jan 27 2017 10:50AM by Alexander Hillebrand

Glad to see you're stil making games! I highly enjoyed your game "Beyond Eyes". It meant a lot for me and I will never forget that game experience. I wish you all the best with your future projects and I enjoyed your beautiful pictures!

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