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By Sherida, Oct 29 2016 10:20AM

Time to dust off this old blog and start posting again! Last week I decided to take my camera with me and snap some pictures of my daily dev life!


I decide to start the day with a stroll through the forest behind my house. It's freezing cold but knowing myself I have to do this now or I'll never leave the house!

By Sherida, Mar 10 2015 10:05PM

Last week I was lucky enough to make a last minute trip to San Francisco, just in time for the annual game developers conference (GDC), to present Beyond Eyes to the international press for the very first time. As usual the wonderful weather + encounters with friends and acquaintances, both new and old, were a great source of inspiration and joy, especially since I've been often missing out on both since my move to the UK in January.

Another source of inspiration is Lost Levels, a un-conference of sorts held on 1 day during GDC where everyone can talk about anything. All you have to do is write you name and the title of your talk on a post it and you'll have everybody's attention for 5 minutes. Some people prepare their talks, others decide to do it on the spot, often inspired by other participants. I just enjoy listening to the talks, knowing myself well enough that 5 minutes will never be enough to talk about the subjects that I care about. That was until yesterday. I was talking to one of my friends when I suddenly knew what I wanted to share with the people at Lost Levels. Of course I can wait another year to give my talk but I prefer to talk about it today, so here we go. 5 minutes!

As usual, this conversation started with me being annoyed with something and in this case that something was a new game called Life is Strange. Don't get me wrong, I haven't played the game so I can't form an opinion about the game yet, but yes I was annoyed. These are the important things you need to know about Life is Strange for this blogpost:

1 The developers are French

2 The game is set in an American city

One of my biggest complains about many games over the last years is that they feel utterly uninspired, taking the same stories and settings over and over again, stripping them of personal culture and influences to appeal the largest market possible. Apparently this market is the USA. If you've been wondering why everything feels the same, this is your answer. Shooters have American soldiers fighting Arabs, Russians and Germans and unique French games like Heavy Rain, Life is Strange and Fahrenheit are set in non descript American cities. Even the realms of fantasy and Sci Fi keep going back to the same tropes, elves, orcs, dwarves, occasionally throwing in a British or French accent to spice things up.

If you're a Polish developer of fantasy games, why not get inspired by a Bagiennik? These waterdwelling nasties shoot hot oil from their nostrils, burning their victims alive. It's also known to heal deep wounds, making it a perfect ingredient for potion crafting!

If you're a studio based in Paris, show me! I'm not saying you should place an Eiffel tower on every corner but please don't ignore the beauty and the stories of your country. Heck, my vacations to France were a great inspiration for Beyond Eyes, along with a few other lovely European countries. Be proud of your roots and stop believing that 'internationalising' your design means to make it more America.. The world is bigger and better than just that.

My point is, we all have unique insights, stories, cultures and subcultures to share with eachother and more than any other medium, games will allow us to share to this with our players and let them walk a mile in our shoes!

Let's share our stories and let our games reflect who we are and where we came from. Let it shine through our art, our design, our audio and our writing. Everyone has a story to tell and a game to be made.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)

<3 Sherida

By Sherida, Jul 15 2014 04:12PM

One of my favourite people on Twitter is Maria Popova, who shares the most interesting things of interestingness on her blog Today was no exception and when I saw the picture above on my timeline I knew that I had to check it out. It’s a short read, maybe 2 minutes max. So check it out here and I’ll wait for your return

By Sherida, May 13 2014 02:05PM

This is a blog and it's mine!

I feel like I should have done this a long time ago but chances are that if I had done so; the blog would have long been abandoned by now. Actually, forget chances.. It would have been inevitable :)

So why start now? Well, I decided to take a week or 2 off work after I finished and shipped a demo build of the game to a few awesome people out there which I did last Friday!! Like many (most?) developers I'm a complete workaholic, so thus far this whole holiday thing feels very out of place and I find myself with not much to do... I thought about starting a new project for a week but apparently this counts as cheating, so no luck there. After a few days of gaming, sleeping and dress making I came to a horrifying conclusion:

I have no life.

Somewhere in the last year, since I started working full time on Beyond eyes I slowly scrapped all things that didn't directly contribute to the game from my life. Things like my social life, food, exercise, hobbies used to be pretty significant for me but I can't honestly remember the last time I prepared a real warm meal that wasn't prepared in a microwave. Six months ago I was cooking all the freaking time...

Although I love making games, it shouldn't be my whole life. This is why I decided to make some changes. Less work more play! And this, my friends, is why I'm starting this blog.

Don't worry; this is not a lifestyle blog whatsoever!!!! No pictures of my road to cooking recovery...

Let me explain. There are a few things that I really love to do and that I've missed dearly for the last few months. One of them is teaching people how to create games as a form of self expression. Another is having interesting discussions with people about things that are going on in the game industry. I also would love to show a little more of my work behind the scenes to all of you!

I thought about social media but distilling all my thoughts to 140 characters just isn't for me and feels too much like standing on a soapbox.

So I have a blog now, ready to be filled with sneak peeks and reveries!

I'll see you soon :)


Ps: If you would like to check out what Beyond eyes looks like so far, fill out the form here and I'll send you a build!

Pps: I'm cooking Indian food tonight ;)

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